The case studies

The Behind-the-Scenes of Success: How Our Personalization Paved the Way for Excellence on Amazon for Our Clients

Case Study Board Games

Brand Presentation

Specialized brand in wellness, marketing its products in Europe and the United States. This brand internally managed its Amazon Ads campaigns.

Collaboration History: We took over the management of its advertising account on October 20, 2023.

Challenges: Inaccurate targeting and an erratic budget had resulted in an initial ROAS of 0.96 at the beginning of our collaboration.

Brand Objectives: Achieve the top 20 in the Toys and Games category and the top 10 in its subcategory for Christmas 2023.

Implementation of a consistent brand strategy based on the data accumulated over the past few months.

To achieve this, 14 campaigns were created for a single product, with the aim of improving the ranking while increasing the previously low ROAS. We succeeded in multiplying the ROAS since our intervention in October 2023:

Performance: We managed to achieve the desired ranking while surpassing the expected profitability, which was significantly higher than what we found when taking over the account.

Projection: Based on our results, we will take over the entire European region for the Amazon ADS segment.

Case Study Wellness

Brand Presentation

Wellness brand selling in Europe and the US. This brand internally managed the Amazon ADS part.

Collaboration History: We have been managing its ADS account since October 20, 2023.

Challenges: Despite satisfactory profitability, the advertising budget was relatively modest compared to the competition, requiring significant analysis work.

Brand Objectives: Increase its revenue and profitability.

After a thorough analysis of its data and products, we implemented a highly precise targeting strategy on specific keywords and ASINs.

Performance: This strategy allowed us to more than double the profitability of their advertisements. However, a stockout from mid-November to early December prevented us from achieving a satisfactory revenue.

Projections: This client has entrusted us with additional marketplaces. The goal is to continue this strategy while gradually taking dominant positions to acquire the number 1 bestseller badge in the coming months on key marketplaces.

Case Study DIY

Brand Presentation

DIY brand established for over 4 years on Amazon in France, Germany, and the United States. Despite being the number 1 in sales for half of its references, its reliance on advertising continues to grow.

Collaboration History: This brand previously used software to manage its advertisements before turning to SkyVision in January 2024.

The brand’s overly broad targeting prevented it from controlling campaign expenses.

Observation: This brand entrusted its advertising to software focusing solely on Sponsored Product type ads. As a result, its products were visible on a large number of queries. While this may have seemed advantageous, in reality, it led to significant costs.

Brand Objective: Increase the overall profitability of the Amazon account.

Implementation of a brand strategy focused on the most relevant keywords for each product, allowing visibility up to six times on the most relevant target queries.

Ensure no opportunity for competitors on the best target queries while allowing the long tail to generate sales organically.

Leave no chance for competitors on the best target queries + Let the long tail sell organically.

Performance: To be updated in the coming months.

Projection: Continue on this trajectory while maintaining a daily sales pace of €10,000, across all marketplaces.