Our team

Meet Erwan & Quentin: United by excellence, driven by ambition, and dedicated to propelling your Amazon sales to new heights

Why create SkyVision?

The observation is simple: an excessive number of agencies offer low-quality services at exorbitant prices. Based on our experiences and complementary expertise in Amazon FBA, we have specialized solely in Amazon Ads to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Erwan Boca

Head of Sales & Marketing

Graduated from HEC Montréal Master in Finance from EDHEC (Programme Grande École). Founder of 2 brands on Amazon. 2 and a half years dedicated to full-time development of the Geographical Norway brand on Amazon

€200,000 advertising budget under management.

Quentin Solignac

Operations Manager
Trained thousands of Amazon FBA sellers in Olivier Allain’s Amazon Revolution training. Coached +200 Amazon sellers.
Manages the catalog of 5 e-commerce brands.

The ambitions of SkyVision?

To become the leading Amazon advertising agency in France, in Europe, and then worldwide.

Our 3 core values?


As advertising specialists, we implement all possible strategies to maximize the visibility, ROAS, and conversion of our clients' products.

Customer Satisfaction

It's Amazon's core value, and it's not without reason.


Artificial intelligence and process automation are at the core of our DNA. We maximize the use of these levers to concentrate on high-value tasks that our clients seek.